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An Early Use 

The novelty of the SPI Program, the amount of political, professional and financial resources involved and the potential high impact of the program suggested having it evaluated by senior independent persons at a rather early stage - to take prompt adjustment measures.

The Skreb Report 

We have therefore requested an evaluation focused on the SPI Romania's institutional aspects and their sustainability. Dr. Marko Škreb, former Governor of Croatian National Bank, performed this task in the December 2006-March 2007 period. His report is available here as well as his presentation. The ToR is here.

The Bazzan Report

As a second step, recognizing that the human factor is an essential component of the good performance of SPI Romania, we have undertaken a second evaluation of the skills of the SPI Secretariat. Prof. Alberto Bazzan, former Manager of the World Bank's Executive Resource Development team, did a one-week on-site assessment. Having participated in the recruitment panel of the SPI Secretariat team, he was able to compare the initial expectations to the actual professional developments recorded over about one year. His report can be found here. The ToR is here.