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Financial education is a very important decision tool for consumers living in an increasingly sophisticated and globalized financial market, enabling them to budget and manage their income, save, borrow and invest efficiently, understand and protect themselves against specific risks and as well as avoid becoming victims of fraud.In this respect, consumer education is a policy instrument for authorities to contribute to a sustainable growth in financial intermendiation activities and a marketing tool for financial institutions to build robust client relationships.

Impact Drivers

  • Public: To improve the relationship with consumers, the customer goodwill,and the image of the banking system
  • Private: To increase consumers' capability to manage their financial affairs more effectively

Project Management Group

Petre Tulin

Project Owner (PO) , President HVB Romania

Mihail Meiu

Project Manager (DPM), Director NACP

PWG Members


Paula Moranciu

Expert, Banca Nationala Romana

Sorin Mierlea

President , ANPCPPS

Florentina Ștefănescu

Director, National Commission for Supervision of the Private Pension System

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