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The Credit Bureau in Romania is currently providing information based only on negative information on the borrowers. In the absence of positive information on credit histories, banks require from prospective borrowers more detailed personal and work histories, and a long work history as a minimum threshold.This is as laborious as it is ineffective as an indicator of the applicant’s future solvency.

Impact Drivers

  • Public: To improve market infrastructure, credit quality, and expand lending opportunities.
  • Private: To increase the access to credit as well as improve the quality of bank lending.


Assuming that 10% of the employees in Romania have temporary work contracts, banks could attract about 900 thousand persons as additional potential borrowers (based on 2004 data).

SPI Committee Involvement

A public-private endorsement could help overcome the resistance by some banks to provide positive information given the large public benefits of positive information sharing. Additional Information on SPI Committee.


Steven Cornelius van Groningen

Project Owner (PO) , President Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Jianu Lazar

Project Manager (PM) ,Manager Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Serban Epure

Deputy Project Manager(DPM), General Manager Credit Bureau



Doru Calitoiu

Deputy General Manager, Credit Bureau

Ana Costea

Head of Lending Department, Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Dragos Cabat

Chief Financial Analyst, OTP Bank Romania

Lucia Stefan

Team Leader, Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Daniela Barbu

Director, Bancpost

Angela Margarit

Expert, National Bank of Romania

Simona Sandru

Director, ANPDCP

Mihail Meiu

Director, ANPC

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