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RBA wants to propose an amendment to the law on persons' protection, and on the safeguard of goods and valuables in order to change some aspects related to the approval and observance of the safeguard plans.

Impact Drivers

  • Public: to improve organizational structure and reduce operational costs
  • Private: to optimize the trade off between banks' security and cost of regulation


All bank branches have to comply with the law requirements. Over 4000 units at the end of July 2006. The growth rate of the banking network is of 24% year(July 2006 to July 2005).

SPI Committee Involvement

To keep under senior oversight the impact of the current regulatory framework on the banks' efficiency with a view to reach an acceptable regulatory cost-benefit balance. Additional information SPI Committee.


Ionel Arghiroiu

Project Manager (PM)

Gen. Gavrila Pop

Deputy Project Manager (DPM)



Marian Georgescu

Banca Comerciala Romana

Alin Lupea

Banca Romana Dezvoltare- GSG

Eugen Bezdedeanu

Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Col. Chiriac Lazar

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Nicolae Craciun


Sergiu Bogea


Traian Pometcu

National Bank of Romania

Terms of Reference

Regulatory Impact Assessment

SPI Committee Enactment Documents

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