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There is virtually neither an institution nor an initiative in Romania in charge of the protection of banking customers. Unsatisfied clients send their complaints either to the National Authority for Consumers Protection or to the National Bank of Romania.

An Ombudsman institution could be a solution for prompt and impartial resolution of complaints that customers have been unable to resolve satisfactorily with their banks. In order to prevent the occurrence of conflict situations and in order to ensure the customer' self-protection, more resources should be allocated for consumers' education.

Impact Drivers

  • Public: To improve the relationship with consumers, the customer goodwill, and the image of the banking system.
  • Private: To increase consumers capability to manage their financial affairs more effectively by helping them to have as much proper information as possible.


In 2004, as a comparison, the Italian Banking Ombudsman received about 4700 complaints and addressed a similar number.

SPI Committee Involvement

Industry reputation is a very important "public good" that deserves to be addressed with as the broadest possible public - private support.Additional Information on SPI Committee.


Radu Negrea

Project Owner (PO) , General Secretary Romanian Banking Association

Monica Iovu

Project Manager (PM), Director OTP Bank Romani

Alis Avramescu

Deputy Project Manager (DPM), Deputy Director National Bank of Romania



Catalina Clinci

Manager Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Aurora Stancu

Quality Manager,Banca Comerciala Romana

Bogdan Stanica

Legal Advisor, National Bank of Romania

Ioana Bosinceanu

Manager, Head of Legal Department

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